Meetings with Spruces and Birches

Day with Old Tjikko 1 (2019)

The video Day with Old Tjikko 1 from 2019 and quite a few videos created during a residency in Mustarinda in September 2020 are now displayed in an exhibition called Meetings with Spruces and Birches in gallery Forum Box (11.2.-6.3.2022). The gallery is divided among three artists, and I have my works upstairs in ’parvi’ (the ‘loft’) which is quite suitable for video works. Besides that I have one work, Dear Deceased, which consists of a letter to a dead spruce, on display downstairs in Mediabox at the same time. I wanted to show Old Tjikko and thought the works from Mustarinda old growth forest would be suitable companions. Here below I have chosen a still image to represent each video, to show something about the world created in the space.

There are two large projections at both ends of the rectangular hall, with Old Tjikko to the left and two split screen videos, one after the other, of the Paljakka spruce near Mustarinda at the other end of the space, to the right. The rest of the videos are displayed on small screens, with the sound in headphones for the three of them that have spoken text. Thus, the effect is rather different than listing all the works in the same size. More information about the exhibition on Forum Box pages here and later in the archive here. Information about the work in Mediabox here, and later in the archive here.

Besides Day with Old Tjikko 1 2019, HD 16:9, 17 min 45 sec. (see image above) the following works are included in the exhibition (from left to right):

Day with a Bog Birch (with text) 2020, HD 16:9, 20 min. (text in English)
Standing with a Bog Birch 2020, HD 16:9, 20 min
The Reclining Birch 2020, HD 16:9, 16 min 41 sec
The Daily Birch (September in Mustarinda) – brief 2020, HD 16:9, 14 min 10 sec
Looking at the Spruce 1& 2 2020, HD 16:9, 19 min 12 sec
With the Spruce in Paljakka III mix 2020, HD 16:9, 5 min
Rakas Kuusi – Dear Spruce 2020, HD 16:9, 5 min 47 sec (text in Finnish, English subtitles)
Kära Björk – Dear Birch 2020, HD 16:9, 5 min 50 sec (text in Swedish, English subtitles)

In Mediaboxi, a small darkened space for showing one video work, the following video as a large projection complements the selection:

Dear Deceased (with text) 2020, HD 16:9, 6 min 26 sec (text in English)

When I receive images of the space from the gallery, I will add them here… and here they are, photographed by Emilia Pennanen:


By Annette Arlander

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