Day with Old Tjikko (Picea abies)
Day with a Juniper (Juniperus communis)
La Farga de L’Arion
Dear Ficus Macrophylla I
Dear Ficus Macrophylla II
With a Pine on Hundudden (Pinus sylvestris)
With the Oak on Galway Road (Quercus petraea)
Day with the Firethorn Rhus (Searsia pyroides)
With the Maple in Tehtaankatu (Acer platanoides)
With a Pine in Brunnsparken (Pinus sylvestris)
The Spruce of Harakka Island (Picea abies)
The Spruce of Independence (Picea abies)
A pine on the shore on Harakka Island (Pinus sylvestris)
Apple Tree in a garden on Sumatrantie (Malus domestic)

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