Performing and Thinking with Trees, Art theoretical writings from the Academy of Fine Art 15, University of the Arts Helsinki, 2022. Downloadable pdf here:

“Attending to remarkable and unremarkable trees”, workshop 2.7. at the 13th SAR (Society for Artistic Research) conference in Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany see here and here

“Looking at (Overlooked) Lichen – Visual journaling as part of meetings with remarkable and unremarkable trees” Research in Arts and Education vol 1 (2022) pp. 75-82

“Revisiting the Pine and other video works”, exhibition in the Telegraph gallery on Harakka Island 24.5.-5.6-2022. see here

“Writing with Trees” in Pessi Parviainen (ed.) Proceedings of Carpa 7 – Elastic Writing in Artistic Research Nivel 17, see here

Practicing with Pines, performance and videos 26.4. 5 pm as part of the event seven of seven organised by Myymälä2 25.4.-1.5.2022 Documentation on the RC here

Exhibition in gallery Forum Box, Meetings with Spruces and Birches 11.2.2022-6.3.2022 See here

A new blog for the project Pondering with Pines – Miettii mäntyjen kanssa – Funderar med furor is under construction, here, as well as a new archive on the RC here.

Year of the Ox – On the Lowest Branch is now completed, and available for view on the RC, here.

The podcast Talking with Trees – Puhetta Puille – Talar med Träd is now live, with seven episodes in Swedish to begin with,recorded with a pine on Örö during the year 2021, on soundcloud here. And seven episodes in Finnish, written to the spruce on Harakka Island in Spring and Summer 2020, on soundcloud here. Other episodes in English are forthcoming.

A nice souvenir from Midsummer in Örö from Saskia Signore, a very brief video clip she and her husband made with me on Örö, as part of their residency project, called Koyne. The clip is included on their website and on the RC, here.

With a Weeping Beech, 24 min 11 sec, and With a Weeping Beech (mini), 4 min 51 sec, are now online, here. The full version, With a Weeping Beech (long), 62 min 10 sec , is too large to upload.

Becoming Ginkgo (mini), 11 min. 30 sec is now online, here. The version with 1-minute clips, Becoming Ginkgo, 63 min 20 sec, and the full version Becoming Ginkgo (long), 134 min 28 sec, are too large to upload.

The walking experiments in Örö are now online, here, as two diptychs, a summary with five variations in both directions and a version with walking north inserted into walking south and vice versa, Pitkä Ikävä – Walking in Örö (North to South) and Pitkä Ikävä – Walking in Örö (South to North) 35 min 34 sec.

The Pine Next Door, recorded on Örö during the year 2021 is now edited, the mini-version (10 min.) available online, here.

Initiated meetings with a new remarkable tree, a weeping beech in Humlegården, Stockholm, see here.

“In the Disappearing Forest”, brief online talk at the research day organised by University of St.Etienne, see pdf of powerpoint, here.

A video article is published in JER: Arlander, A. 2021. Dear Olive Tree. Journal of Embodied Research, 4(2): 5 (19:40). DOI:

An extra week on Örö 7-14.10.2021, revisiting old pine friends and looking out for new ones.

“Holding nature: Meetings with Trees” online talk as part of the program related to the exhibition New Nature in St. Petersburg 22.9.2021

“Performance with a Pine” in Örö, 2 September at 9 pm , see here

“Writing to Your Chosen Tree – a Workshop” and “Writing Letters to Trees with the Trees” at CARPA 7 – Elastic Writing in Artistic Research 25.8.and 27.8.2021. See here

Dear Spruce – Kuusi Hyvä 1-7 (2020) and July with a Pine (2020) are shown in the exhibition Artists’ Island, on Harakka Island 10.8.-26.9 2021, see here (scroll down for press release in English)

On the Edge II-IV in a screening of short films by Örö residency artists at Norpas festival 7.8.2021, see here.

Becoming Ginkgo (working title) – a performance with a gingko tree in David Bagares gata -street in Stockholm, see here.

The July diaries from Eckerö – With a Maple Tree (15 min 10 sec) and With an Apple Tree (15 min 10 sec) – are now available for view online, here

Dagen med Asken – Day with an Ash, (26 min 12 sec) performed 22.7.2021 between 5 am and 11 pm with the ash on the Post Quay in Eckerö is now available with a Swedish voice-over and English subtitles as well as a version without words Day with an Ash (brief),(12 min) here

Attempting to Become an Ash Tree and Listening with an Ash Tree, performed with an ash tree on 14.7.2021 inspired by the Performance as Research Working Group meeting at the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) online conference, see here. The video “Exercises with an Ash Tree” was made specifically for that meeting, see here.

On Vegetal Democracy and Askträdet på Eckerö – The Ash Tree on Eckerö (med text – with text), two performances with an ash tree 7.7. and 8.7. for the Perform-Respond-Extend online event as part of the PSi (Performance Studies International) Constellate program 2021, see here.

Residency at Eckerö Post and Customs House for the month of July, see here.

Participatory performance Swinging in a Pine on Örö on midsummer day 26.6.2021 as part of the Öres Exhibition, see documentation here.

On the Edge I-III as still images in Öres exhibition on Örö Island (see here) and the video On the Edge in the online exhibition, here.

Day and Night with a Mountain Birch (brief) recorded 6-7 June in Kilpisjärvi, available to watch on the RC, here.

Ars Bioarctica residency at the biological station in Kilpisjärvi for the two first weeks of June 2021, see here.

A larch tree in Oulunkylä, introduced by Denise Ziegler on 28 May 2021, see here

“The Tree Calendar”, exhibition in the Telegraph Gallery on Harakka Island 19-30 May 2021, see here

Visiting the Pines on Örö again, 9-16 May 2021.

Contributing to Designing the Pluriversity, see here

“Swinging with a Pine” as part of the 4th Be-coming Tree Global Live Art event online on 24 April 2021, see here

“Day with a Bog Birch – Vegetalising”, available online as theme essay on the Peripheries in Parallax website, here

April 2021 on Hailuoto Island, in a residency in Kulttuuritalo Päiväkoti, see here

The video Monument in March (brief) (31 min 10 sec) is now available on the research catalogue, here

Knowledge in the Arts #2, 30.3.2021 at 15-16.30, online lecture organised by International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, Copenhagen. See here

Performing with a protected sea-buckthorn in Helsinki during March, see here.

The ARA publication Meetings with Remarkable and Unremarkable Trees in Johannesburg and Environs will be published on 18 February. The online version and the print-on-demand version are both openly available here:

Practicing “becoming tree” with another pine on Skifferholmen, in Helsinki in February 2021, see here

”Dear Spruce – Dear Deceased”, theme essay / visual essay as part of the Peripheries in Parallax event, Aalto University 22 January 2021, available online here

Revisiting Örö for a week, performing “Holding Hands with a Pine” as part of Be-coming Tree event on zoom, see here

New practice with a pine on Skifferholmen or Liuskasaari in Helsinki in January 2021, see here

“Dearest Pine.” In Jack Faber and Anna Shraer (eds.)  Eco Noir: A Companion for Precarious Times. Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki Publishing 2020, 105-112. Downloadable here

November on Örö, in Öres residency

Be-Coming Tree collective Live Art event via zoom 31 October 2020 10-11 AM (GMT) see link here

Mustarinda Residency for September 2020, see Mustarinda

Performance with a rowan as part of ABLE event on Harakka Island 20.8.2020, see here

Performance with a pine tree on Harakka shore, as part of Be-coming Tree zoom event on 1 August 2020, see here

Performance with an apple tree in a garden on Sumatrantie on 17 July 2020, documentation on the RC here.

Finished June with the Spruce of Independence (view as a small file, here) and began a new relationship with a pine on the shore on Harakka Island (see here).

Began a new practice with the Spruce of Independence in Kaivopuisto Park on 2 June after finishing my Corona Diary with the Maple Tree in Tehtaankatu on 31 May.

Quarantine in Helsinki, and my studio on Harakka Island.

Four day residency in Nirox Sculpture Park, full of remarkable and unremarkable trees, here.

How to present performance as research? ARA seminar at Wits Theatre 12 March 1 pm to 4 pm.

ARA-podcast “Performance and Research: a discussion with Annette Arlander” here.

First tree in Johannesburg on video, Myer’s Oak (10 min) see here

Going to Johannesburg for an ARA (Arts Research Africa) residency, excited!

Day with a Juniper shown at Gallery Sinne Video Video Weeks 21-26.1.2020 see here

Year of the Pig with a Tatarian Maple presented at the Research Week of Stockholm University of the Arts 24.1., including a visit to the tree, with a QR code leading to a mobile or mini-version of the video, see here and here.

Australian Banyan trees (Ficus Macrophylla) in Alicante 24-27.12.2019 with some images on the Research Catalogue here

Olive Trees in Ulldecona 19-21.12.2019 with some images on the Research Catalogue here and here