Quarantine in Helsinki, and my studio on Harakka Island.

Four day residency in Nirox Sculpture Park, full of remarkable and unremarkable trees, here.

How to present performance as research? ARA seminar at Wits Theatre 12 March 1 pm to 4 pm.

ARA-podcast “Performance and Research: a discussion with Annette Arlander” here.

First tree in Johannesburg on video, Myer’s Oak (10 min) see here

Going to Johannesburg for an ARA (Arts Research Africa) residency, excited!

Day with a Juniper shown at Gallery Sinne Video Video Weeks 21-26.1.2020 see here

Year of the Pig with a Tatarian Maple presented at the Research Week of Stockholm University of the Arts 24.1., including a visit to the tree, with a QR code leading to a mobile or mini-version of the video, see here and here.

Australian Banyan trees (Ficus Macrophylla) in Alicante 24-27.12.2019 with some images on the Research Catalogue here

Olive Trees in Ulldecona 19-21.12.2019 with some images on the Research Catalogue here and here