“… every day we feed off the gaseous excretions of plants. We couldn’t live but off the life of others.”

(Emanuele Coccia, The Life of Plants. A Metaphysics of Mixture. Trans. Dylan J. Montanari. Polity Press 2019, p 47.)

“We don’t think about urban violence as an extension of environmental violence, but these anxieties are linked.”

(Felling Light by Amaud Jamaul Johnson in Emergence Magazine Issue 7 – Trees)

“Every tree has a unique DNA identity, termed (with some anthropomorphic arrogance) a ’fingerprint’.”

(Lucy Davis, ”Animation, Animism… Dukun Dukun and DNA” in Giovanni Aloi (ed.) Why Look at Plants? Leiden, Boston: Brill Rodopi 2018, p. 81-88.)