Harakka Helsinki

Next to Last Time on the Lowest Branch

Visiting Harakka Island for the first time this month, I combined transporting some things to and from there with the joint effort of taking up three of the boats, my old Korento (dragonfly) among them, and recording the last image in the series Year of the Ox – On the lowest branch, of course, which includes one image for each month. Unfortunately the weather was much the same as in November, damp and grey. The landscape with ice and snow from last week had disappeared. There might me more snow coming next week, but I grabbed the chance to have some help from colleagues to get the boat up now, which means that I might not be able to access the island later this month. There might be ice, or then not, and before it is thick enough to walk across safely… who knows…

This was nevertheless the next to last image of this calendar, and I am already wondering, whether I should continue working with a pine on Harakka Island next year, or choose a pine from the mainland, that will be more easily accessible regardless of the weather. And whether there is a point in creating an image once a month, or rather choose some other schedule, or even leave the frequency of the visits more open. Well, there is still time to think about that. Meanwhile, I will edit the video from this year, and upload it on the RC page, here.

Only after returning from Harakka and looking at the material did I realise that this was not the end. As the title suggest, I started at the beginning of the year of the ox, that is, in February 2021, and will therefore have to continue until the end of the year of the ox, which this time happens at the end of January. Thus, one more visit next year – and a chance of snow!

By Annette Arlander

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