Örö Trees

The Pine’s Apprentice

Today, the second of November, I began a new practice as an apprentice to a pine tree growing right at the porch of the Öres residency house on Örö Island. I arrived yesterday at nightfall, so my November with this pine tree began only now. There are plenty of beautiful pine trees all over the island, and I will try to befriend some other ones, too. For my main teacher and partner I chose this most obvious pine tree, who was there as if waiting for me. And I thought of course of the Daily Birch in Mustarinda, that I performed with during September. This pine tree is different, as is the whole place, and I expect the experience to be different as well, although I begin with a similar practice of balancing next to the tree.

When I was about to download the first attempt I made from the camera, I realised I was standing too far from the tree, probably intimidated by its huge trunk and crown. So I made a new attempt, and placed myself closer, next to the trunk, within reach to touch it. Much better! That is the pose I will try to repeat daily while here on the island.

I also noticed a huge iron nail hit into a cut-off branch; almost spooky, grim, why such brutality? Luckily the tree seemed not to be bothered by the attack.

Our daily performances will be updated as still-images from video on a specific page on the research catalogue:

By Annette Arlander

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