Mustarinda Trees

With Birches in Mustarinda

Spruces are the dominating tree species in the forests around Mustarinda and create the characteristic atmosphere here, but there are other trees too, like birches, aspen, rowans and also goat willows, which seem surprisingly old and big. The first tree I chose as my performing partner was one of the old birches growing near the house, one behind the house overlooking the forest. That birch I have now performed with every morning since I arrived, that is, for more than two weeks. The time-lapse video I hope to make of our shared moments, presumably 29 altogether, will be called Daily Birch. The moments are documented as still-images on this page. And there are other birches. The small video The Reciling Birch is made of a performance with – well, a reclining birch, on the forest path not far from the house. And the latest birch partner I made acquaintance with, growing on the bog down the hill, performed with me for a video called With the Bog Birch. These two later ones are completed, edited and added to the project archive on the Research Catalogue here. Unlike my difficulties in finding a proper, reasonable or possible way to perform with the tall spruces, these birches have been easily approachable and somehow willing to collaborate, at least according to my impression, which is rather biased, of course. The birches seem familiar and easy, perhaps not so exiting, but approachable. Actually some of the old aspen trees here, with their nearly black bark and deformed branches would be exciting to collaborate with. So far, I have not dared approach any of them but have preferred the birches almost unconsciously. There is not so much time left of my stay at Mustarinda, and autumn is proceeding fast, so perhaps I should brave myself to make an effort…

Daily Birch
The Reclining Birch
With the Bog Birch

By Annette Arlander

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