Three Letters to the Pine

After the initial visit to the Pine on Hundudden on January 6th 2020 I have recorded three 21 minute sessions with the pine, writing letters to it, in Swedish. These three letter writing sessions took place on 7th, 13th and 26th January. An image of me writing, one video still of each session, is added here below. The images and the letters are added to an archive on the Research Catalogue, here. The archive is in the making, and will be updated with new letters, and hopefully also new trees.

My initial idea was to find a pen pal in Stockholm that I could write to from abroad, but now it seems like the letters are best written while sitting next to the little pine. Thus, I will have to find new tree friends to visit and write to, elsewhere. And return to the Pine on Hundudden next time I am here.

By Annette Arlander

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